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What We Do

At Global Help Centers, our mission is to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and communities in underdeveloped areas. We are dedicated to addressing critical challenges such as limited access to healthcare, poverty, and the need for personal development and strategic planning. Through a diverse range of programs and initiatives, we aim to empower, uplift, and create lasting change.

1. Hospitals in the Remote Area

One of our core aims focuses on improving healthcare accessibility to people living in remote places areas. We work tirelessly to establish and support hospitals that provide quality medical care to those who need it the most. Our goal is to bridge the healthcare gap and ensure that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has access to essential medical services.

2. Telemedicine to Bridge the Gap in Healthcare

In addition to physical hospitals, we leverage cutting-edge telemedicine technology to reach underserved communities. Our telemedicine programs connect patients with healthcare professionals, enabling remote consultations, diagnosis, and treatment. This innovative approach ensures that medical care is just a click away, making healthcare more accessible to all.

3. Poverty Reduction Through Advocacy and Education

Poverty remains a significant challenge in some areas. We actively engage in advocacy efforts, educational training, seminars, and workshops to tackle poverty at its root. Our comprehensive approach includes job creation and employment initiatives that empower individuals to break free from the cycle of poverty.

4. Personal Development and Strategic Planning

We believe that personal development is the foundation for successful living. Our programs offer guidance in various areas, including time management and goal setting. We equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to take charge of their lives and pursue their dreams with confidence.


5. Leadership Training Program

Effective leadership is key to driving positive change within communities. Our leadership training program equips individuals with the skills and qualities needed to become inspirational leaders. Through mentorship and hands-on experiences, we cultivate the next generation of leaders who can drive progress and empower others.

6. Financial Planning

Financial literacy is a crucial aspect of personal and community development. Our financial planning workshops and resources help individuals manage their finances wisely, make informed decisions, and build a secure financial future.

7. Volunteering and Network

We believe in the power of community and collaboration. Our volunteering opportunities allow individuals to give back to their communities and make a difference. We also foster a network of support and connection, enabling individuals and organizations to work together towards common goals.



At Global Help Center, our commitment to creating positive change drives everything we do. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people in remote areas by providing essential healthcare, alleviating poverty, fostering personal development, and nurturing future leaders. Together, we can build a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Other Programs;

-Hospitals in the resource-restricted area

-Telemedicine to bridge the gap in healthcare

-Poverty reduction through advocacy, educational training, seminars, Jobs Creation, and employment. Personal Development and Strategic planning program; Including Time management, and goal setting in various areas of life for successful living.

  • Leadership Training program

  • Financial Planning

  • Volunteering and network

GHC also conducts Health Services  Program Evaluation, Application of Epidemiological and Biostatistics Principles in  Health Services Research for evidence-based practice in Undeserved regions

Our History


The Global Help Center (GHC) was established in 1998 with the vision that information is fundamental to success and personal development. Initially registered as Global Information Club, a community-based non-governmental organization (NGO) with Oshodi Local Government area in Nigeria in 2000, GHC gained further recognition through its partnership with Kabissa, a volunteer-led NGO promoting Information and Communication Technology for positive change in Africa.

Under this collaboration, GHC expanded its networking efforts and received acknowledgment for its community support services. In 2000, GHC became a beneficiary of World Bank computer donations, leading to the diversification of services, including book outreach, personal development information sessions, and seminars on Goal setting and Time management. These seminars, effective tools in collaboration with The Success Motivational Institute USA, facilitated community empowerment.

GHC's impact extended globally, reaching countries such as Canada. The organization is dedicated to helping communities alleviate poverty through strategic tools like education, economic development, health, and income redistribution to improve the livelihoods of the world's most vulnerable.


  • "Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit."

  • "In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of."

  • "An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics."

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